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User Info Did Trump Just Admit to Felony Obstruction?; entered at 2017-12-02 19:34:39
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Registered: 2009-08-17 Boynton Beach, Fl
Trump had every right to fire Comey regardless of his reason The FBI director serves at his pleasure. If it were any other way, any FBI director could keep his job just by investigating the President.

But, Trump fired Flynn for lying to Pence. Trump would have no way of knowing if Flynn lied to the FBI. In fact, any such lying would have occurred after Flynn left the administration.

But, worse, how did the FBI get the transcript of Flynn? Flynn was not breaking any laws when he talked to the Soviet Ambassador. He should never have been unmasked in the first place. FISA warrants are nonsense and a direct affront to the US Constitution.
2017-12-02 19:34:39