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User Info Did Trump Just Admit to Felony Obstruction?; entered at 2017-12-02 13:29:22
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This is literally almost to-the-letter how Nixon ****ed himself.

He might NOT have known that the "plumbers" were breaking into The Watergate. But once he knew about it he tried to derail the investigation, and the tapes established that -- even with the tampered sections removed.

To know that Flynn lied to Pence is not actionable, as lying to the VP is not a crime. But to attempt to derail an FBI investigation when he had actual knowledge of felony conduct that was being investigated is a whole 'nother ballgame.

If I KNOW you robbed a bank, the FBI comes and starts asking questions about you, and I lie to them I'm ****ED. If I DON'T have any knowledge then while I might still get hosed it's nowhere near as serious a matter, as that's a "process" violation rather than obstruction. But once I have knowledge (or damn good reason to know, such as you suddenly appearing with a ****load of hookers, blow and $100 bills when your day job is sweeping floors) that very same lie probably gets me hard felony time in the federal slammer.

It's never the original act that gets these guys; they can survive that. It's their attempt to **** with it, and the arrogance of making an indelible, admissible record.

In this case Trump did it in public.

If there's anything approaching justice left in this country that tweet is going to come back and explode in his face like a Nork Nuke set off in the Oval Office.

PS: If you want to know why Flynn got a "get out of jail free" card, this might well be the reason......

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2017-12-02 13:29:22