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User Info So When Are You Gonna Act, America?; entered at 2017-12-02 09:02:53
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Registered: 2009-12-28 Desert Southwest
I think the deck has been stacked against the Commoner acting. In theory, we have three boxes from which to choose--the soap box, ballot box, and the bullet box. The first may include avenues such as social media, letters to editors and Congresscritters, etc. This requires a great deal of public attention in order to be effective. It is also highly controlled. There was a degree of outrage over the perv hush-fund Congress has, but nothing became of that. The ballot box is continually under assault to preserve the status quo. The third is extreme and illegal under normal circumstances.

I believe that in order to change the top, the efforts must start at the bottom, meaning locally. However, many cities are so addicted to federal and state handouts that it is hard to balance fiscal conservatism with the "gimme" mentality of the populous, not to mention re-election.

Furthermore, change is a slow and gradual process. Interestingly, we are now in a national tizzy over sexual misconduct allegations. What actions can Americans take that will be effective in capturing the public's attention to this degree when it comes to political misconduct?

Sadly, I think those that truly care are fading away and are being replaced by a generation of "Whatever" thinkers. I believe the powers that be got us right where they want us: those who want change are unable and those who don't want it could care less so long as they have their Internet-based devices and entertainment.

So what actions can America take that will be effective?
2017-12-02 09:02:53