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User Info So When Are You Gonna Act, America?; entered at 2017-12-02 08:39:51
Posts: 185
Registered: 2017-06-27 New York City
consider yourself lucky Karl. right now people hear you, lots of people. your work has probably been used, plagiarized, profited from and molested in many ways.

people cannot perform the general strike that you advocate as they have two issues. they cannot fathom how to survive it, as in living indoors and eating and perceive themselves as having something to lose and nothing to gain. more importantly, they do not trust those around them to join, no one wants to be first or the fool. people do not even trust their spouses anymore. every time i have seen a man do the right thing in his professional or community life, the first thing that happens is his wife leaves him in ruin. the lifestyle comes first you see. the revolution was not sexual other than it was between the sexes; it was consumerism replacing culture and values.

more practical example, who wants to be the first business owner to incur the cost of not hiring illegally for his workforce and properly withholding. they are waiting to be forced by the same authority that is promoting unethical and immoral behavior.

no one wants to put himself out of business personally or financially for something that will never change.

if you could organize a general strike, you would have problems. right now people only hear you. when they start to listen to you is another story.

even if you do not care about yourself, you have family. i have seen evil and wish that you do not get the chance to discover it for yourself.
2017-12-02 08:39:51