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User Info I Was Going to Write.....; entered at 2017-12-01 19:19:57
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A key takeaway from this sad story is that juries can no longer be relied upon in deep blue areas. As in this incident, they might refuse to convict someone who is obviously guilty. The flip-side of this is that they might also refuse to acquit someone who is obviously innocent, such as someone who was clearly acting in self-defense.

Note that asking for a bench trial doesn't necessarily help with the latter case, because you could get an activist judge who does the same thing.

This is more of a game-changer than is immediately obvious.

For example, in areas with a SJW infestation, you can't count on an SJW being convicted for physically attacking you for no valid reason. (That's if they're even prosecuted; we've already seen cities like Berkeley and Chicago look the other way when leftists physically attacked rightists.) At the same time, if you have to use physical force to defend yourself against a violent SJW, you might be convicted even though the force was justifiable.

It's yet another reason to stay out of deep blue areas if at all possible.
2017-12-01 19:19:57