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User Info I Was Going to Write.....; entered at 2017-12-01 14:17:43
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GoforBroke said:

To what extent was that jury vote influenced by jurors fearful that a "guilty" vote could result in personal retribution from members of the defendant's "community?"

Well if this is what influences the behavior of the jury then does it need to be countered balanced from the other side by bringing some rope to the argument too? They then have NOTHING to gain by rendering a decision but someone is going to be pissed. For the record - I am simply pointing how backwards California actually is when the threat of violence determines decision making. Where's the real justice system? As Karl has pointed out - Americans - specifically Californians allowed this.

I am sick of ****ing cowards on these juries that REFUSE to uphold the law or are too stupid to throw out a law because it violates the Constitution. I am sure most jurors in California couldn't get through a basic civics class. Justice is being rendered by the most stupid and the most ignorant of our laws.

The fact that any group could influence the decision of a juror means that the JUROR should not have been on that jury to start. Secondly it only shows what a **** filled state California actually is when the threat of potential mobs - aided by the media - can be used to pervert justice.

While we are at it ... time to prosecute these media people too for inciting violence. It is time to stop letting 'reporting' serve as a means of subversion of justice. The OJ/DEnny thing was made worse by the talking heads spewing crap every night during the trial. The jury made have been blind to what was being said but the public - where the mobs form- were not. This was intentional IMO.

This of course only influences the behavior of future juries as you have pointed out.

How long before justice is rendered solely based on ethnic origin? Not much different than justice based on religious belief as Sharia law is it?

2017-12-01 14:17:43