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User Info The Worst Idea In The 'Bad Idea' Department; entered at 2017-12-01 09:11:59
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Registered: 2017-12-01
Companies like Amazon and Google pride themselves on their data collection, data mining, and "AI" (hate that term) capabilities. They also both run start up incubators and have access to huge amounts of capital. As soon as Alexas or what not started to get popular, it was evident that there may be more opportunity than just advertising.

Is if far fetched to think that they will use this network of listening devices and data mining to preempt ideas from other businesses? If not, what's to stop them from extending that to personal listening devices? Then why not market them to public and shared work spaces (the new thing) as well? Sure, they'll get a lot of noise, but they could just key off the words "idea", "copyright", "patent" or similar. And if an idea has merit, who is going to beat them to market?
2017-12-01 09:11:59