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User Info I Was Going to Write.....; entered at 2017-12-01 00:32:58
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Yep. The guy had something to do with discharging a firearm, and there was such-and-such about deflections and stuff. He, as a felon, should have never have had that firearm or its ammunition in his presence. Right, so far?

Young person, Kate Steinle, was hit by a projectile from that firearm, after deflection from a pier or some such thing. Then shards from that projectile (or another) did strike her upon the back and result in her death.

That's the story.

Another, and a very compelling part of the story, is that the shooter had no right to possess a firearm above the grade of a BB-gun. In fact, he had no right to be in this country whatsoever, possessing anything in this country.

So, now the Great State of California have released him from all charges, and his only punishment will be deportation. How many times has this SOB been deported and has still returned several times?

Oh, I certainly hope the lawsuits will soon, or eventually, drain the "Great Bear Republic's" coffers of everything. Not that I expect it, but I know how it's going to work out.

"You lie down with dogs, you're going to end up smelling like a dog."

It can't happen too soon.
2017-12-01 00:32:58