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User Info The Worst Idea In The 'Bad Idea' Department; entered at 2017-11-30 12:53:29
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Registered: 2017-06-27 New York City
When I was running my company, this would have been prevented by my rule set. Personal cellular telephones were not permitted, period. Everyone was welcome to forward all calls to the office when they were there in case of emergencies. Personal laptops were allowed on the open part of the network during breaks in the work cycle. If I issued some hardware such as a laptop, BS use excessively was frowned upon. My particular bane was AOL. Productivity was the issue.

I cannot begin to tell you how noticeable the losses in productivity are in the businesses that i frequent.

A few years ago NYC's public schools got the ****-4-brains idea to allow cell/smart phones in school. ****ing why? Their excuse was that the parents might need to reach them in an emergency. It was simple when I was a student; parent called the school.

For situations where you have employees that need smartphones, issue them locked down units for work only. The bring your own **** only invites them to do everything else other than work not to mention the obvious security risks.

IMO females are the worst offenders. It seems like five seconds cannot go by without some distraction. Funny how my companion was a corporate executive whose interruptions were mild and barely noticeable and for good reason given the responsibilities. When camera and smartphones were becoming big she seriously wanted to smash some people's faces.

Even see tradesmen breaking their work for this BS in their pockets. A friend with an auto body repair shop was wondering why things were taking longer than usual until i pointed it out to him. Accidents anyone? If you are a boss or supervisor, set some rules.
2017-11-30 12:53:29