What Happens When They Get It Wrong?
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2017-11-30 09:19 by Karl Denninger
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What Happens When They Get It Wrong?
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There's never a bad side to "automation" that could indicate an impending suicide, right?

After all nobody wants suicide.

If the software detects a potential suicide, it alerts a team of Facebook workers who specialize in handling such reports. The system suggests resources to the user or to friends of the person such as a telephone help line. Facebook workers sometimes call local authorities to intervene.

Uh huh.

And if there's no suicide in process or about to take place?

"Local authorities" don't always simply knock on the door.  If there's no answer they are at least somewhat-likely to kick it down, guns drawn.

It is simply a matter of time before someone gets shot this way -- or worse.  Maybe it will be the person who was "allegedly intending" to commit suicide.  Or maybe it will be a cop.

Or maybe -- just maybe -- someone will game this thing to get Facesucker to send the authorities to a house full of explosives on purpose.  AIs are at their core all simply pattern-recognition engines and while Facesucker claims it's got plenty of human intervention involved if you believe that then look at what Youtube has recently had happen with their allegedly-expert means of "interdicting" inappropriate sexual content.  May I remind you that Google arguably has the "best" AI technology in the world?

Oh, and let's not forget that Zuckerpig and Facesuck have intentionally manipulated you to feel ****ty in the first place -- so they can give you that "hit" of dopamine and keep you coming back.  It's intentional, it's been admitted to and yet you.... do nothing about it.

So about that "there's never any harm in this" thing......

Like this piece?  Look here for Softness.

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