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User Info DESTROY EVERYTHING Bezos Touches (and not just Bezos); entered at 2017-11-30 08:20:11
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I just ordered and received two small items (under $20) from Amazon, using my college kid's Prime account. So here's the report from the front lines - Amazon is a disaster. Prime took from Saturday to Wednesday for delivery. One item was supposed to be Amazon delivery, the other UPS. Amazon delivery was a day late and neither met the terms of Prime as it used to work.

Last year Amazon so overwhelmed my local post office that delivery became erratic with packages marked delivered but they weren't. They'd arrive a day or two later - maybe. Our great mailman left my suburban, lots of packages route for a route that didn't kill him with Amazon. My neighbors are up in arms again this year because Amazon delivery is erratic and they take a photo of your package where they left it but fat lot of good that does when it's a photo that's not your porch. It's so bad that neighbors are exchanging ideas of alternate places to buy their previous Amazon purchases so there's hope.

Workers are diving out of the new local fulfillment center because they put them on mandatory 60-hour work weeks and it's too much for all but the most fit.

I check Amazon pricing from time to time on items and for one pet item they were 30% higher than a web store that charged a fair shipping price. And that's not counting the cost of a Prime membership so it's even worse.

I don't miss Amazon. I'm finding items this year through ordering free pickup from physical stores or actually buying the item in the store. I always did this as much as I could because if you don't buy from stores, there won't be any stores but even Wal-Mart made that hard for awhile because they quit carrying so many products. They seem to be turning that around.

Rule of law is dead in this country. There are enough laws to make almost anybody a criminal or suspect so you can have $10,000 cash seized just because you had it and a cop found it or you can rack up felony convictions and hardly spend a night in jail. It all depends on how the system in your area feels like doing things. The same as Amazon and all our other monopolies get to be monopolies - our politicians don't feel like doing anything about it.
2017-11-30 08:20:11