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User Info DESTROY EVERYTHING Bezos Touches (and not just Bezos); entered at 2017-11-29 15:59:40
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Yes, EXCEPT that when you got involved with me as said sales/fulfillment channel you created an implied contract of fair dealing.

Using the information you gained for the purpose of putting me out of business violates that. Note that my sales volume (thus your incentive to do so, and knowledge of how much you can order and thus negotiate for) is part of that information.

I do NOT need to specifically negotiate for you not to do that, as doing so breaches the general duty to deal fairly with the people you contract with.

People think they can do this sort of **** on a routine basis but it just isn't true. Well, other than the fact that in SCAMERICA such conduct, which is pretty clearly a violation of 15 USC never mind being civilly actionable, isn't prosecuted any more and it's ****ing hard to pay a lawyer AFTER Amazon does this to you and your business is destroyed.

This sort of conduct should have gotten Amazon shut down years ago and Bezos and his pals tossed in prison. If I had tried to pull that **** when I ran MCSNet with any of our partners (we did have a few) my ass would have sued to the other side of Mars and I might have gotten indicted on top of it.

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2017-11-29 15:59:40