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User Info Amazon Makes Money Exploiting Honest Merchants; entered at 2017-11-25 10:09:43
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We actually use Paypal more then our credit card bank simply because in many cases, they will protect us against the scum that claims they never received the product if we require a signature which I do on all of our pepper guns. I got our rate down to 2.2%, but they have saved our store many times. Last month a guy ordered 4 gun kits which really set off the alarms, but the card cleared fine and we shipped them. He then claimed that it wasn't him that signed for them and filed a lost package claim with Fedex. Of course Fedex went with the signature knowing that their driver didn't walk off with the product. Customers are becoming more and more brazen because of Amazon's and EBay's return policies. They both have a box that allows to refund the product and keep the product which gives the crooks an angle on getting free stuff. Most businesses will walk away from a small sale because the return shipping can be expensive. When this becomes known to more of these customers, then you will see more of the 3rd party sellers walk away from these sites due to more abuse.
I always worry about any large sale on Amazon because I know my dealer will get screwed on one of those, "I changed my mind" issues. Now Ebay is also getting into that "Free" CUSTOMER return and will soon have no way to re-coup your free shipping on a customer return. The BS that the customer is always right is ripe fore abuse. When they know that they don't have any skin in the game, then who cares.
We know how much Amazon's procurement charges have exploded and it's due to returns. I automatically will charge a customer off my website on returned that are not defective. We are not Costco and could never afford to be.
No business can stay in business with their business model unless they are being subsidized by wall street like Amazon.
2017-11-25 10:09:43