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User Info Amazon Makes Money Exploiting Honest Merchants; entered at 2017-11-24 19:45:56
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Registered: 2007-09-10 Scottsdale, AZ
We have run into this many times. I actually lost my personal store about 6 years ago when the competition started leaving my store a bunch of 1 star ratings and Amazon shut it down without even telling me why. We have had to take down listings with the bogus reviews and relist under another UPC code to get rid of the bogus reviews. Unfortunately, this takes your product out of the existing listing loop making you start over for reviews.
Amazon always puts their prime listings at the top and will violate MAP pricing to keep them at the lowest price. Amazon removed all of our pepper guns in one fell swoop about 6 months ago claiming that the lasers were illegal. This had to come from one of our competitors and when I went to relist them, I couldn't use the term LASER in any of the titles. Thanks to that, our sales are down over 90%. Taser is still listed and they all have lasers.
Amazon is run by idiots that know very little about retail and less about vendors. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they are discussing how to destroy 3rd party vendors.

2017-11-24 19:45:56