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User Info Amazon Makes Money Exploiting Honest Merchants; entered at 2017-11-24 18:13:20
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No, it's worse @Bagbalm

It's ALL third-party sellers. The reason is that EVEN IF THEY SHIP FROM HERE you're still ****ed; the seller buys the "slander service" from an overseas source which can't be (reasonably) sued, and thus the firm HERE in the US doing it can't be identified.

NONE OF THEM can be trusted because ALL OF THEM have to be assumed to be doing this, since it's the only way to survive!

That's what an environment that encourages and looks the other way when outrageous **** like this happens causes. It irrevocably corrupts the market because there's no way for an HONEST seller to actually get anywhere. Only big multinational companies can go after the sources of this sort of slander; anyone smaller simply can't.
2017-11-24 18:13:20