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User Info Is Tesla On The Verge of Bankruptcy?; entered at 2017-11-19 17:12:59
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I didn't believe the existing tesla numbers till I saw people who owned it doing it. Kinda hard not to believe them now though. :)

Those existing owners can smoke you in a 1/4 mile, sure.

Now get on a real course where you have to use that power for more than 10 seconds with a big wait between uses and see what happens.

Hint: As Fly noted, if you try to do that the base 911 eats you for breakfast.

BTW graphene batteries have been "just around the corner" for quite some time now. Show me a small one that works -- for example, a cellphone-battery-replacement that I can buy somewhere. It would roughly double the battery life of said phone and charge in seconds.

No such battery exists; the laboratory experiments look interesting but they did several years ago too, and yet..... where are the batteries?

It's a wee bit more difficult to make them, you see, than people anticipated.....

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2017-11-19 17:12:59