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User Info Walmart Spikes, Is Amazon Doomed?; entered at 2017-10-12 10:01:42
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PLUS, the return shipment fee which in many cases disincentivizes you from returning the item, so you just keep it.

I've never paid for return shipping for Amazon Prime items. I feel I get my money's worth with their streaming options on top of the shipping, but I am wise to their price game. In some cases Amazon is just better to deal with than a no-namer on ebay or random Internet store. I don't delude myself that Amazon is always the better deal. It certainly isn't.

I'd really love it if Walmart could just limit searches to stock in my store of choice - I don't need to see a million items online that aren't available to me "right now" and they're uniquely positioned to do it. :-/

But I'm with Karl. I've dealt with the Walmart merchandisers and their distribution system. Amazon cannot compete with them, period. I think you're seeing the real world version of Netscape vs Microsoft playing out here, where Walmart is slow to the online game...
2017-10-12 10:01:42