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User Info Walmart Spikes, Is Amazon Doomed?; entered at 2017-10-12 08:58:10
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Registered: 2012-04-19 South of Canada
Since nearly everyone in the US is within 10-15 minutes of WalMart by car..

Not everyone...Wally World is definitely a drive out of my way from where I live and work. That's on me for living in a yuppie area. At any rate I think this murders Amazon on the suburban family that is buying everything from diapers to laundry detergent on Amazon because it's easy. I know several families that do this. Having a brick & mortar down the street that will take hassle free returns is gold. Most people I know have a couple whoops buys from Amazon that just collect dust since returns are such a PITA.

If you do not buy PRIME Amazon will sit on an order for as much as a week (probably to both aggregate their shipments internally and try to coerce you out of $100) where WalMart instantly dispatches the product to the store you choose.

This is the primary reason I quit buying from Amazon. I didn't want their streaming service so $100 for expedited shipping on a dozen purchases a year just wasn't worth it. If I need it expedited I'll just pay for the shipping...from an e-commerce site that isn't Amazon...
2017-10-12 08:58:10