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User Info Be Scientifically Right, Get Fired; entered at 2017-08-11 15:59:04
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I will not even go ito the cases of resume embellishments that occur in this day an age or how a person even 'graduates' with a D average in their science major from a 'minority' college. Hell many of the kids with an 'A' are missing half the basics! Yet they have a whole list of SJW activities listed on the resume. I will catch you. If I see that combination of **** - it goes directly to File Cabinet #13.

Many years ago I was the only technician at a fast growing Atlanta telecommunications equipment reseller. My company was finally going to hire me some help as I was getting overwhelmed with the exponential increase in business. I asked the head of HR if I could look at the resumes. She said it was OK and I went to her office. The first one I looked at for about 5 seconds and then dropped it in the trash. She exclaimed, "What are you doing!" I replied, "This person couldn't even take the time to make sure their hometown was spelled correctly." It stayed in the trash. Another one looked good at first glance, but I realized the guy had never spent more than 2 years at any place he worked. I said it would be a waste of time and money to train someone with a track record like that. We ended up hiring two men fresh out of the US Army and they could not have been better employees.
2017-08-11 15:59:04