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User Info Be Scientifically Right, Get Fired; entered at 2017-08-11 12:42:09
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I want to see how much of their own money (Google board members) is spent on venture capital funding of businesses started and maintained by women, 'minorities', and 'undocumenteds' as well as others on the SJW 'oppressed' lists. Let these equal entrepreneurs soak in that money, and sink or swim on their own.
Then we can be entertained by the excuses of the failed enterprises that start up this way. Of course, it will almost always be someone else's fault, though in the cases where the start-up person 'opts' to 'not trade my quality of life for money', those persons will be lauded by the same SJW crowd.
'Progressives'. Double standards are their starting points.
2017-08-11 12:42:09