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User Info Be Scientifically Right, Get Fired; entered at 2017-08-11 12:11:56
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Direct experience:

-Single or married women who are serious about their lives, intelligent, and who don't have children and aren't planning on having children progress just as quickly in my profession as men. They can work just as hard, long and with the same dedication--if it's in their nature. They'll work unpaid to see the job done right, on time, in excess of expectations and with luck, under budget.

-Single or married women who are not serious about their lives, and who don't have children and aren't planning on having children do not progress in the profession as quickly. They're too busy doing outside activities, having fun, partying, playing, going on vacation. They might be adequate workers, but they will never own the joint. The same goes for non-serious men. If it's not in their nature to see the project complete, and instead punch out at 8 hours, they're demonstrating that they're not interested in working hard, long or with the dedication needed to advance the project or their own careers. They're only present for the paycheck. They're gone at 40 hours a week.

-Mothers generally do not progress as quickly in the profession, unless they are serious, and even then, the time commitment required to raise a child impinges on a potential career path. Ditto for fathers. In their view (and as a Dad, I don't argue) time outside of the company, during the workday to attend a sick kid, a baseball game, preschool, whatever, is just as important as their professional obligations--at that point in time. They might be able to work a few additional hours, but 60 or 80 per week, no.

With mere moments of reflection, no one should be surprised by Google's (or Fb or other SJW infested entities) reaction to the statements made by the engineer. The places appear to be run by people who think that being present at their workstations for 32-40 hours per week (as opposed to actually WORKING ); participating in on-site yoga/self-discovery classes; hanging at the on-site kale bar; discussing Algore's latest movie, etc. for another 10 hours per week, and yet still feel they are entitled to that which they have not earned.

Places like this must just suck the life out of productive, driven people.
2017-08-11 12:11:56