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Not exactly on the topic but something on similar lines about expressing an idea or thought in India.


India's outgoing Vice-President, Hamid Ansari said...

He quoted Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan: A democracy is distinguished by the protection it gives to minorities. A democracy is likely to degenerate into tyranny if it does not allow the Opposition groups to criticise fairly, freely and frankly the policies of the Government. But, at the same time, minorities also have their responsibilities. Well, they have every right to criticise, their right to criticise should not degenerate into wilful hampering and obstruction of the work of Parliament. All groups, therefore, have their right and have their responsibilities.

PTI report quoted Vice President-elect M Venkaiah Naidu rejecting as political propaganda the view that there was a sense of insecurity among minorities. Without naming anyone, Naidu said: Some people are saying minorities are insecure. It is a political propaganda. Compared to the entire world, minorities are more safe and secure in India and they get their due.

I am not saying whether Ansari is right or wrong. All I am saying is he has a view and he expressed it, when he was leaving a constitutional post, when he was not bound by the propreity of office. What is wrong in that? The ruling party immediately pounced on him, which implies that you can only say what the government says you should. Nobody in the ruling party gave a thought to whether he had a point or not and whether they should do something about it.

Any differing view is dissent not to be entertained. Period!

All signs of democracy turning into tyranny everywhere.
2017-08-11 10:09:00