CNN Wants You To Die. No, Really
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2020-02-07 09:08 by Karl Denninger
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CNN Wants You To Die. No, Really*
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An obscene "senior writer" (what other sort of actual qualifications on the subject does this woman hold?) vomits forth:

"Historically a lot of these border security measures have used public health as a pretext for discrimination. It's very easy to see how a public health rationale would be used to limit immigration for whatever reason," he says. "And I'm not saying that that's actually occurring, but it well could in this particular political climate, not just in the US, but internationally."

"I'm not saying it's occurring, but it's occurring.

Uh huh.

Look, the simple fact of the matter is that in any person-to-person transmissible disease the more infected vectors you have the more people get infected.

That's math.  Math isn't racist or xenophobic -- it just is.

In this specific case there is one "hotbed" of infected people -- China.  It is important to note that at least thus far we are not seeing person-to-person casual transmission in the United States.  We are seeing it in China.

There's a reason for this.  We don't know the precise reason but we can take educated guesses.  One of them is that this virus is uncharacteristically (for a coronavirus) shed in feces.  Most are not but this one is.  There are vast cultural differences in sanitation between White Man Nations (there, I said it) and not-White Man Nations in this regard.

This isn't "racist", it just is.  We crap on a toilet and our bathrooms, both public and private, are typically equipped with both toilet paper and running water and soap with which to wash our hands.  We consider feces on or around anything other than in a toilet bowl to be flat-out unacceptable. We also have a cultural learned reaction to wash our hands after using said toilet.

Those who have never traveled outside of their comfy White Man Nations have never seen what the rest of the world does when it comes to these matters.  That's not my fault, it's those who have never done so.  Catherine apparently has not done so -- or she's being intentionally dishonest.  Pick one.

Now it may turn out that there is some other explanation for the apparent >1.0 R0 in China, and the apparently <1.0 R0 here and in Australia, Japan and Europe.  Whatever that explanation is, the facts are that there is some explanation for it.  We're learning that cruise ships (big shock) are very successful places to transmit this disease.  This should not surprise; cruise lines have damn near zero crew from said White Man Nations on board, ex perhaps some of the executive officers (e.g. the Captain.)  Guess what: Culture is what it is, and further, a cruise ship is pretty-much the best place on the planet to spread any sort of disease.  You're in a confined space with a couple of thousand other people and you are virtually compelled to touch communal surfaces, specifically handrails and similar as you ascend and descend decks and similar, plus all the public toilet facilities (how many pax return to their cabin to use the bathroom every time?  Virtually nobody.)

For this reason cruise ships often have suffered outbreaks of norovirus and similar.  That one isn't particularly dangerous -- just nasty if you get hit by it.  But now we take the same environment and put a nasty bug into it!

The cruise lines were bat**** crazy to continue to operate in that part of the world once this was reported.  Period.  This is simply a matter of unbridled greed and the firms involved deserve to be shellacked -- and I suspect they will be, right in their stock prices.  Good.

We should have slammed the door immediately when this got going.  We've now done it, which is good.  We must maintain it until we have not an operating theory as to why R0 < 1.0 here but a factual understanding of why.  We may have been lucky thus far -- but whether luck or White Man Culture is responsible, we had better do whatever we're able to maintain that fact.  Any public official or media personality who argues otherwise is arguing for shoveling millions of Americans into the hole -- a literal genocide -- and should be served up consequences appropriate to same.

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