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2018-11-07 06:57 by Karl Denninger
in Small Business , 50 references
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So about those locks.....


One of the challenges I've had with allowing the manipulation of lock state (other than lock/unlock, or setting the keypad on or off) is the risk of someone picking off a code from your phone -- and then being able to break into your house.  For obvious reasons that would be bad.

I've decided to leverage the notification system built into the software for this purpose.  This has several advantages, chief among them being that neither the phone or the base software has to store a code from a lock in any case.

If you select "Get Code in Slot" and enter the slot number when you click Execute HomeDaemon-MCP retrieves the code in real time over the AES-encrypted channel from the lock and sends it back to your device via the encrypted notification system.  It never touches anything else (like the cloud) and is not stored anywhere other than in RAM on the device when displayed in the notification pane, which can be dismissed.  In addition there is no storage off-site, anywhere, of the event itself either so Mr. Subpoena (or "Mr. NSL") can pound sand since nobody can produce what they don't have.

If you set a code it is transmitted to the lock.  Ditto for deleting a code.

Codes on most common locks (they're all using the same basic board) can be 4 to 8 numeric digits.  8 is quite secure; 4, not so much, although after a few (wrong) attempts the lock will raise an alarm exception.  In all cases when the change "takes" an exception is raised back to the phone, so you know it went through, exactly as is the case for an asynchronous event (e.g. someone uses the code to open the lock.)

Disabling the keypad locks out all the codes, instantly (very useful if you're not at home, don't expect to be home, and don't want anyone to be able to open the door.)  The state of the lock in the background is currently set this way ("Prohibited" .vs. "Accessible.")  Oh, and the manual operation of the lock (e.g. with a key or the inside knob) is also instantly reported.

Again -- no cloud, no BeeEss, no stealing.

HomeDaemon-MCP is available to the firm, large or small, that wants to disrupt the model of "smart home" systems.  All rights, source and all, to both the base code running on a $35 piece of hardware and the Android app are included.  Look to the right and email me today!

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2018-11-07 05:57 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 172 references
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Michigan legalized recreational marijuana yesterday.  It will not fully take effect for about two years, but it happened.  While I expect there will be some "hicksterism" among the cops up there for a while I also expect there will be some Sheriff expulsions (and maybe some local police chief ones) if they still arrest and/or ticket people for it as of this morning.

Florida went nearly full retard.  The amendment to add an additional exemption for homestead property taxes failed, while the rest... not so much.  Rental and commercial property tax escalator tax caps (which were in force but due to expire) passed, and the only other good amendment was a supermajority requirement to impose new taxes and fees, or lift the level of existing ones.  Sounds good, except that of course it has exemptions -- including schools which is, of course, the largest single line item on a property tax bill.  But what this does do is make imposing an income tax nearly impossible, even if the Governorship goes Democrat.  Which it didn't, thank Ghod.

However, the "dog racing ban" did pass.  Which doesn't bother me so much.  No, it's the fact that animal rights are now in the Florida Constitution, and that sentence wasn't on the ballots.  It's easy to hate dog racing.  What actually passed may be used to ban hunting and fishing, in all of its forms, never mind any other form of animal husbandry -- including for food. Yes, I'm serious; this sort of outrageous hiding of the ball ought to have gotten the proponents hung but of course the so-called "State Supreme Court" didn't stop this horse**** before it occurred.  Countdown to this stupidity in 5.....4.......  I'm glad I sold my boat.

Illinois got a (very) rich Democrat governor.  Have fun *******.  He basically bought the office but I bet he finds there's a huge **** sandwich he can't swallow once he closes the door.  I'm going to enjoy watching that state drown in its pension and health care "obligations", given that he won't take on the medical monopolies (despite having the law to do so) any more than tRump did.  If you live in Illinois GTFO -- now.

Ditto for Washington State.  Their proposal-based gun ban, and make no mistake that's effectively what it is, is flatly unconstitutional.  It's not like anyone has actually been shot over such a thing yet.  Oh wait.... they were, just the other day.  May the family responsible for that burn in Hell; I'll see you there *******s.

If you want something to smile about there is one item: Every Dem who was in a competitive state and piled on the Kavanaugh accuser lies lost.  All of them.  Heitkamp, Donnelly, McCaskill and Nelson all got deservedly butt****ed.  On the other hand Manchin was re-elected -- he was the Dem who broke ranks.  May I point out that is why the Senate did not flip?  Heh FeinSwine -- you and the rest are personally responsible for your party not having the Senate this morning -- that's a fact.

Liberal lies are going to be the reason the USSC -- and all the lesser courts -- go even further to the right and there's not only nothing you the LIEberals can do about it their campaign of lies is the reason it happened.

Now let's prosecute all of the fake accusers -- including Ford -- and throw them in prison where they belong.

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2018-11-07 05:12 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 149 references
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Obama managed to ram through Obamacare in the first two years.  It would have never passed after that.

Well, what did Trump ram through.  A big fat tax cut for corporations and a huge deficit.  He managed to kill the penalty for Obamacare (not having it), but nothing else.

No other real achievements legislatively.  Zip, zero and nada.

You can't pass legislation without both Houses of Congress. Further, Trump has refused to use his authority in the Executive to break the health monopolies -- which he could trivially do by prosecuting all the felony anti-trust crap (virtually every health and drug provider is exposed there.)  Doing that would have permanently resolved the deficit problem as well as permanently resolving the Obamacare problem.

But nope.  No such.  And now the legislative opportunity is gone too.

Never mind committee memberships and chairs, along with the Speaker's gavel.

So here it comes folks, because the $1.3 trillion debt addition last fiscal is going to be small in coming years.  That's assured.  There will no spending cuts and no more tax cuts, but the problem is that every dollar of deficit spending has become an actual net negative, exactly as I warned in 2011 when I wrote Leverage.  It is simply a matter of time, and probably not much of it either, before the market figures all of that out.  When it does there won't be a "2" as the first figure in the S&P OR DOW Indices.

So enjoy this morning if you're one of those crazies that tries to measure "success" by market indices.  It works for a while when you run 6.2% fiscal deficits.  But when you get a 2-3% GDP economy out of doing it everyone is losing 3% in real terms and unless you can continue to game of offshoring the inflation through ruinous trade policy (which eventually results in every "job" being a McJob as you eviscerate the entire "meat" of the economy) the game will be up.

Now, with an obstructionist House, albeit not fully decided as of yet, the "fun times" have ended.

I hope you've enjoyed the first two years Donald because the next two are going to be a ****ing nightmare.

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2018-11-06 13:00 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 94 references

Or the world is.....


Come and get it!  Email today to hang this on your wall tomorrow!

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2018-11-06 09:45 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 195 references
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The most-important election...... eeeevaaaaahhhh!

How many times have you heard that?

Honestly -- I can't remember when I didn't hear that come an even-year November.

Nixon, Nixon is our man.... throw McGovern in the garbage can!

Yes, I remember that -- on the playground of my elementary school!

If your parents supported McGovern (nobody of that age was old enough to understand the difference) you were at risk of ostracism, harassment -- or an outright beating.  And no, the so-called teachers and keepers of the peace (otherwise known as "administrators") didn't give a **** about it if and when any of that happened.  Find me their graves so I can******on them as odds are high that they've preceded me as worm food.  I'll willingly take the disorderly conduct charge.

The fawning over Trump nauseates me.  Everyone screams jobs! and yet nobody pays attention to how bought.  The latter is much more important than the former.  Industry, innovation, productivity and actual balanced trade are how you make for durable job gains.  Printing up 6.2% of the economy in new Treasury Debt to produce a 3% GDP print is how you go bankrupt since at this point every dollar of new Treasury issuance actually has a negative return.  Trump did the latter and his taking "credit" for the outcome as somehow "good" is outright fraud.

I pointed this "coffin corner" problem out in Leverage -- in 2011.  It has bit every nation that has attempted this path as a means out of a recession -- or debt-bubble detonation.


Obama doubled the national debt on his watch.  Trump is now trying to do it again.  We thought we could get away with it by offshoring the inflation it would produce through so-called "free trade" (which was actually nothing more than a monetary experiment and anything but free) -- allowing China to steal anything not nailed down, half of what is, and then find ways to worm its way into what little remains of our innovation (e.g. fabs, such as with the recent Micron industrial espionage) and steal that as a sop to offshoring half our industrial base is idiotic.

Or is it?

Well, yes and no.  It's not stupid, it has been and is intentional.  The people in DC know good and damn well that if you actually reflected the doubling of the national debt back into the economy prices would have gone up by 50% and there would have been a revolution five years ago when half the nation was unable to eat.  The entirety of the Congress would literally have been food by now.

Look at places where you can't offshore -- health care, for one.  The monthly price of a reasonable "health policy" for a nominally healthy 50 year old guy has more than doubled in the last 10 years.  The sop is that this is due to "mandates", of course.  This is a lie; exactly how many dollars does mandatory ovarian cancer coverage cost the company writing a policy on a man?  Zero, since I have no ovaries.

Tell me again why the price of coverage for a single, 55 year old man who can run half-marathons, does not smoke and has no "pre-existing" conditions has a list price of $9,570.48 over the next year?  Again, tell me exactly what I get for my $10,000?  Are you really so ****ing stupid that you think the availability of a "tax credit" to reduce that cost to under $300 a year, which incidentally requires that I cut my income to about $20,000 a year in some way makes the price lower?  Of course it doesn't; not only does someone else get the bill but even worse the $100,000+ a year I could earn isn't earned and thus doesn't wind up being taxed -- intentionally and legally -- because I refuse to fork up 10% pretax of said income on something I don't need, don't use and directly supports monopolists committing felonies on a daily basis against myself and every other US Citizen.

Instead of taking on the real issue which is a health system that produces prices 500% above the market price, which is trivially demonstrable through comparing costs at places like The Surgery Center of Oklahoma, never mind the fact that they have an infection rate of 1/20th of an average hospital because they can't bill you for their mistakes, is something neither political party will do.  Instead we hear screeds about "pre-existing conditions" and "coverage" instead of cost.  Who needs such "coverage" if you can afford to pay cash?  Further, and more to the point, if you can't afford to pay cash what makes you think forcing someone else to pay will change the fundamental facts on cost when you are forced to pay for your neighbor's surgery and drugs at a monopolist-fueled 500% markup?

May I remind you that this behavior was made illegal more than 100 years ago, is a felony, and that the medical and insurance firms went to the Supreme Court twice more than 30 years ago claiming exemptions to said law and lost both times?  The binding precedent decided by the highest court in the land mandating that these ****faces be prosecuted and thrown in prison has existed for roughly four decades yet not one such indictment has been leveled against anyone in said industry since by a single state or federal prosecutor -- or their attorneys general.

Is it not obvious that if your neighbor can't pay the bill neither can you when it comes to your turn, so who's fooling who here?  Yet we have literally nobody talking about the cost issues and how to address them -- even the low hanging fruit like the hundreds of billions spent every year on diabetes drugs and treatment due to the explicit and voluntary actions of those with the condition, say much less simply enforcing the damned laws that have been on the books for over 100 years!

The people in power understand reality; there aren't enough cops and can't be enough cops.  There are too many guns, which is why the Democrats and Republicans are hell-bent on "red flag" laws, so-called "assault rifle" constraints and everything else.  Not that it matters in reality; nothing other than door-to-door confiscation that does not set off an immediate shooting revolt would tip the balance sufficiently for them to be able to put down real resistance.  Oh you can bet they'd try but when it becomes impossible to hire security because if the people decided to shoot them when the politicians hide behind said "security" it would be damned difficult to find willing replacements.  Even at a "one-for-one" ratio it's a losing game for the people in power, never mind that if that sort of crap starts commerce comes to a complete halt in seconds and so does tax revenue.

The cities -- including the enclaves of "power" -- would not survive a week under such a circumstance.  "Just in time" with all the means of production and processing outside of such cities, which is what we have today, makes commerce and free and open transportation without fear of being shot utterly necessary.  Something as simple as drinkable water relies on a steady supply of Chlorine Dioxide at the water pumping and supply plants, no matter where the original source comes from (wells, fresh-water bodies of various sorts or desal plants.)  Lose that essential chemical and you have water, but it's not potable without being boiled first.  Lose the power (also not generated inside the boundaries of said cities in the main) and you not only can't boil the water you can't flush the toilet without your neighbor experiencing your **** flooding his first-floor bathroom.  No functioning lift and sanitation stations make every building in such a city uninhabitable within hours.

Today PCR writes about the people needing to "rise in armed rebellion."

I don't think he's kidding, by the way.  I do disagree with his position that there are no other alternatives, however -- although the odds of the people deciding to take any of those alternatives, peaceful and lawful though they are do appear to be somewhere between long and zero.

Tonight we shall see if the dog whistle of self-destruction in the form of someone else will pay being run by the Socialists on the ballot, all of whom know damn well they can't possibly deliver what they're promising and are conning the people, will prevail.  Go look at the times Occasional Cortex has shown up on TV, been asked about funding her programs, and stammered -- unable to reply.  Look at Gillum -- same deal.  As soon as the question is "where are you going to get the money" the answer is a diversion or silence; never, ever once do they turn the discussion to how to actually address the cost problem by enforcing anti-trust law, by expelling illegal invaders and enforcing E-Verify on all employers so as to bring into balance wages and final product prices or any other actual, effective and possible steps.

I voted for Cthulu and Beelzebub as there was nobody on the ballot in Florida who spoke one word about any of the real, achievable and rational remedies to these issues.

**** 'em all.

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