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2018-05-19 12:52 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 729 references
[Comments enabled]  

I'll have much more to say on the Texas shooting when more facts are in.

But until then, let me make one point to all you on social media and in in the MSM who are whining like two year olds that had their candy taken away for someone to "DO SOMETHING!"


Specifically, deal with the fact that being an adult means you, and only you, are responsible for your safety and self-defense.

If you have children then you have voluntarily taken upon yourself the responsibility for the safety of others, specifically, those children.  You choose where they go and who they go with.  You choose the school.  You choose the Principal, the teachers, the staff members and whatever security measures are there.

You are responsible because that is your child and you choose where that kid goes -- or doesn't.

We have friends who just recently yanked a kid out of school and are homeschooling same because they did not like the answers they got to questions about how said kid was being treated by both the school and other kids.  The school would not correct the problem immediately so the kid isn't there any more.

That's called being a responsible parent.

It's called being an adult.

If you can't or won't be an adult then sit down and shut the **** up.

A demand that someone else take care of your adult responsibilities is the act of a child.  A petulant, temper-tantrum throwing child.  If you are doing that whether you're someone from Parkland, a governor, or a teen you are making clear that you are incompetent to accept the responsibilities of adulthood, you have no right to the privileges of adulthood including voting or holding public office, you have no ability to contract as you are mentally incompetent, you are unemployable since as a business owner I cannot trust you with the key to the bathroom say much less the building and I assure you that your temper tantrum is far more-disgusting when it spews forth from a 16, 18, 20 or 40-year old than when a 2-year old has a meltdown in the grocery store.

The bottom line is that if you have some (good) reason to go to or live in an unsafe place then be armed as you, and only you, deem appropriate for the level of threat you perceive.  You don't need any ******ned permit either; your right to self-defense preexists all government.  Our founders not only understood that they wrote it into our Constitution in black letters for exactly that reason.  Every one of the 50,000+ so-called "common-sense" gun laws on the books now are unconstitutional and, far more-important are in direct contravention of your right to defend your own life and those you love which cannot be conditioned on a "license" because you, and only you, ever had that right to begin with.  You can't give someone a license to do something you don't first have a legitimate right of control over.

If you do not understand this go read the Declaration of Independence and recognize what happened when the British Crown responded "Bull****!to those who signed it.  To suborn, support or demand any such similar garbage is to explicitly support and in fact demand that the very same thing happen again.

If you still don't understand and respect this fact you're unfit to call yourself human, say much less American.

If you are sending your children to an unsafe place without the presence of armed resistance, whether that constitutes you personally or someone else in your stead you are an unfit parent as you are intentionally and knowingly putting those who you willfully accepted responsibility for in danger.

If you think there is risk at places you send your children then either arm the damn teachers and staff so someone can shoot back, go there yourself and stand guard so you can shoot back or get your kid(s) the hell out of there.

I'll repeat what I said before: There is a 27% chance that during your adult life, in America, you will need military-grade arms.  Not "scary looking" black rifles, actual machine guns, stacks of full-capacity magazines designed for same and a case or more (meaning thousands of rounds) of ammunition.  Why?  Because that's the cumulative odds of the unthinkable over an adult life (assuming you live to be 85) based on the two instances of severe, everyone in the way dies war-like events on this landmass since 1620ish which does not include all the lesser times of need like the LA riots -- where if you didn't have a gun and were both willing and able to use it to defend your property your business got burned to the ground, quite-possibly with you inside it.  All the cops left and it was either you holding off a mob with effective firearms or nobody did so at all!

And by the way, if your school is full of part-time felons, including bullies who think assault and worse is part and parcel of "going to school" your "school" is in fact worse than a prison yard in that at least in the prison yard the other crooks need to make their shivs out of stolen plastic cutlery.

A hell of a lot of so-called "schools", and yes that includes schools in so-called "nice places", are full of exactly that and I have a suspicion we're about to discover that had a big part to play in what just happened.

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2018-05-19 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 149 references
[Comments enabled]  

Well, you had plenty of warning, and plenty of time to cut the crap -- and the carbs.

Now you're hosed.

Several insurers in Maryland and Virginia are seeking double-digit percentage increases in monthly costs for individual medical plans in 2019. The largest increases are being sought by CareFirst, which wants to nearly double the amount it charges on average for one coverage option in Maryland, and raise the cost of another in Virginia by 64 percent.

But next year you can drop coverage without being penalized.  Of course this only works if you're healthy.

If you're not, well, doing that is going to either bankrupt you or be suicidal.  Pick one.

All the "MAGA" screaming has done nothing to actually address cost, which is where the problem lies -- not in "insurance."  So as people either pay the penalty, suck off the government teat with subsidies or (now) walk off the risk pool gets worse and will continue to deteriorate.

Without putting a stop to the scams, which I remind you would drop the cost of care by 80% or more Trump has gone after the little things that have actually made the health care companies happy, because it will do little to reduce cost but will make sure more of it winds up in their pockets.  The stock prices of those firms is proof of this.

I remind you that under 15 USC Chapter 1 the Executive has plenty of power to put a stop to this crap without one single bit of action out of Congress.  Not that we should let Congress******us like this, but heh, I'm one vote.  You're a lot of votes, and y'all want to fight about gun control while your blood sugar is 350 and you can't feel your toes.

Have at it folks..... good luck.

Oh, the chainsaw is over in the corner if you need to use it to cut your foot off.  Cheaper than the hospital, and you've got a belt for a tourniquet until you sew up the jagged edges, right?  I'm sure you can find some black-market drugs to make the pain bearable.....

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2018-05-18 15:22 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 47 references

One down, two to go!

Come and get 'em at a nice price -- they're on sale!


Email to make either or both yours, or read more here!

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2018-05-18 09:55 by Karl Denninger
in Technology , 82 references
[Comments enabled]  

Ah, the idiots who write code are at it again.

This time it's pretty bad too.  Apparently nobody thought about the problem of malformed clients accessing HTML components in an email that happens to be encrypted.

That could be trouble.  You see, HTML can post things as well as read them, and along with specific sorts of HTML markup and similar very evil things can be done -- including sending the contents of an encrypted mail outbound.

The problem is that MIME allows for multiple parts, so if you can steal an encrypted message you can then send it as a piece of a new one, which the client will dutifully (as it has the key!) decrypt it for you and then send it out to the bad guy.

Ain't that nice?

It doesn't work if it's a text email, because there are no multi-part pieces in such a message.

Of course the obvious is don't allow HTML components and methods in an encrypted message, and if a sender tries that then don't act on them at all on the receiving end.  Gee, nobody thought of that one eh?  smiley

The Thunderbird folks already have figured out how to fix it (duh!) but the bigger problem is going to be Outlook, which has support for this (albeit broken in other ways, but people do use it) and which has several older incantations laying around that are probably well outside of Microsoft's willingness to support and update.  If you're using one of those you're probably screwed.

Exploiting this requires stealing some of the ciphered email you want to decode, so you have to break into the target's machine first.  But the entire point of PGP or S/MIME is to make stealing the recipient's computer worthless.


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