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Unbridled "open border" immigration is outrageously unwise.  It has historically been associated with forced "immigration", otherwise known as an invasion.

In the early days of our nation when those who came from Europe forced themselves upon the people living in what is now America ("Indians") we allegedly took care of those pesky natives by giving them blankets.  But not just any blanket -- blankets that a person who had smallpox had wrapped themselves in.

We allegedly did this knowing that the blankets were infused with disease.  The native people of America, having zero exposure historically to that disease, had no immunity to it of any sort.  Huge numbers of them died as a consequence.  

At least this is the story told, although there is decent evidence that story may have been fabricated.

Today's version, sadly, appears to be true.

You see, today our government is doing this, albeit on a much smaller scale and perhaps through misfeasance rather than malfeasance, with our "open border" policy toward Mexico and they're aiming the disease at our children.

“Let me emphasize something in context to your question,” Brooks said. “Immigration is part of Ebola, is a part of this new virus – I say ‘new’ in quotations marks because it’s relatively new to the degree we’ve seen it in the United States of America that taking the lives of American children, that is causing partial or complete paralysis of American children. All of this is related to immigration because some of these diseases are coming from abroad. By way of example, there was a study in 2013 – I think it was called the enterovirus that is causing the paralysis and death of young children in America – that thousands of residents of Central American countries were found with this illness over a year ago in 2013. 

Ebola has all the attention but enterovirus is a disease that is relatively common in Central America but virtually unknown in America.  In other words we have near-zero natural immunity to it, and children are particularly at-risk.  It's a nasty bug too, causing permanent harm including paralysis and even death in some of the kids who contract it.

Thus far it has killed at least 7, which is incidentally 7 more US citizens than have been killed by ebola that they contracted inside the United States.  More than 700 have fallen ill with it, nearly all children.

You don't think that allowing tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children to come into the country, intentionally dispersing them through the nation all summer long while refusing to disclose where they went after having intentionally failed to screen them for disease, then effectively forcing state and local governments to accommodate integrating them into our schools where they will expose our children to anything they may have carried with them across the border is the same thing as what "white man" allegedly did to the Native American with their smallpox blankets?

You're not very bright, are you?

Thank Obama and Congress for their refusal to enforce immigration laws -- they're directly responsible and whether it's a function of malfeasance or misfeasance dead is still dead.

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I remain amazed at the way our government is so ******ned stupid -- and arrogant -- as to believe that they can demand "keys" to some sort of lock on demand and nobody will ever get them other than the authorized parties.

The latest incantation of this is found here:

FBI Director James Comey said as much Thursday in a speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington, suggesting the agency might ask congress to force companies to provide what amounts to a “back door” to law enforcement to obtain password-protected data on targeted personal mobile devices.

“We’re hoping to start a dialogue with congress” on updating laws that require tech companies to comply, he told the audience.

**** you James Comey.

And I say this not because I want to see bad guys get away with things as a result of encryption.  I say it because I do not want to wake up one morning and find that utterly nothing works that has a computer in charge of it, which incidentally includes our electrical grid, our communications systems along with military command and control.

It is the height of arrogance to believe (as the NSA has done in the past) you can design in some sort of "back door" and nobody will be able to discern that (1) it is there, and (2) figure out how to pick the lock.

You can bet your last nickel that there are legions of Chinese hackers under government control that are tasked with doing exactly that.  You can also bet that Sir Jihadist will be trying as well.

Neither of those entities pose a good outcome for America should they succeed, and eventually one or more of them will.

It is utter insanity to intentionally put such a mandate on manufacturers, because doing so means that there is a commonality of the means to get in, and once that's discovered by someone who has improper motive for its use we are all ****ed.

You will wake up one morning to find that every nuclear plant in the United States has shut down and the emergency generators will not start, meaning that the time before you all glow in the dark will be measured in hours.  Your cellphone will not work because the software in the switches and tower radios will have been corrupted and impossible to reload without a JTAG machine, which is a pain in the ass and will take weeks to correct, if not longer.  Your data on disk will be either re-encrypted with someone else's password (the bad guys) or worse, simply erased and when you think you'll be ok with the backups you will find that the bad guys corrupted the process months or even years ago and while you might keep backups for that long, all the data you generated in the interim period after the corruption took place will be utterly gone.

If we get really unlucky all of our battlefield equipment that has computers in it won't work either (that's most of it these days, by the way....)

Pilots are increasingly being allowed to use iPADs and similar devices for sectionals and aircraft procedures.  What happens when none of them work, all at once, because the boot code has been overwritten -- and nobody has the paper ones in the big carry-on any more?  I'll tell you what happens -- commerce by air ceases on an instant basis.

What happens when the computers that control oil refineries are corrupted and commanded to overpressure the pipes and other process equipment?  We have massive explosions nationally everywhere, all at once.

What happens when every civilian and government "regular" computer is rendered inoperable at the same time?  All commerce grinds to an instant halt.

The FBI is criminally insane.

Someone will figure out and exploit this.  I am absolutely, utterly, 100% certain of it, and it will happen at the worst possible time, because that's how jackasses that do this sort of thing operate.  They will gain entry, quietly corrupt everything, wait months or even years and sit on it until there's a natural event or other catastrophe that we could otherwise handle but exploiting it will dramatically multiply the damage -- and then they will pounce.

We are not the smartest people in the world and we have no monopoly on brainpower.  What we can devise in this fashion someone else can break through -- that much is a certainty.  Mandating this sort of back door is utterly insane and anyone in our government arguing for same must be shouted off the stage and removed from their office.

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