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Oh boy, this is rich.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on Sunday that President Obama’s decision not to say the actions of the Islamic State is a form of “radical Islam” is at the behest of the Muslim community.

“The thing I hear from leaders in the Muslim community in this country is ISIL is attempting to hijack my religion,” Johnson told “Fox News Sunday,” referring to the terror group also known as Islamic State, or ISIS.

Johnson said the leaders argue their religion is about peace and brotherhood and “resent” that Islamic State is “attempting to hijack that from us.”


So about those huge hoards, numbering in the tens, hundreds of thousands or millions that took to the streets all across the Muslim world to cheer after 9/11 -- those aren't really "Muslims"?

Or how about all of those who cheered the Hebdo assault?  Those weren't really Muslims either?

You can make the argument that the various Islamic Terrorists aren't really part of the "Muslim" faith right up until a huge groups of so-called "peaceful" Muslims show up in the street burning American flags and cheering for what the terrorists have done.

At that point the excuse evaporates like a pig-fart in your closest mosque.

It is an absolute lie to say that these terrorist acts are not "motivated" by Islam.  They most-certainly are.  Further, the Muslim faith claims there will be another "Caliphate", which ISIS has put their stake in the ground and said they intend to, and are, establishing.

Do these "Muslim" groups renounce, in public, continually and permanently, any claim to desire or "look forward" to a Islamic Caliphate?  Have they written this out of their version of the Queeran?  If they have, could some of them please let us know where we can find said versions of their "Holy Book" in wide circulation, so we can discover for ourselves whether all references and associations to "dhimmi" or "dhimmitude" have been removed from said book and teachings?


Why the hell not?  Might that be because they're lying?

Have a big helping of BACON, Mr. Johnson.

PS: I'm not alone in this analysis, upon which I've propounded since before there was a Ticker, and in fact going back to the USS Cole.  You can find another viewpoint oddly similar right here.  Or you can look to the problems the nascent United States had with Muslim Piracy (yes, real piracy on the water) if you're inclined to pay attention to a bit of history, and how our government viewed it at the time (correctly so, I might add.)

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Where are the balls in our Congress?

WASHINGTON –  President Obama defended his administration’s approach to the terror threat at a White House summit Wednesday, standing by claims that groups like the Islamic State do not represent Islam -- as well as assertions that job creation could help combat extremism.

Obama, addressing the Washington audience on the second day of the summit, said the international community needs to address “grievances” that terrorists exploit, including economic and political issues.

He stressed that poverty alone doesn’t cause terrorism, but “resentments fester” and extremism grows when millions of people are impoverished.

“We do have to address the grievances that terrorists exploit including economic grievances,” he said.

Oh really?

So let me see if I get this right -- someone not having a job compels them to cut off heads?  Why no, I don't think so, since I've yet to see any of these allegedly-hungry people eat the resulting corpse!

There's no single religion responsible for this violence and terrorism?  Really?  Please list the religions of the people who committed the last, oh, two dozen head-sawing-offs.  I think you'll find that all of them share one common claimed religion.

For that matter, so will you find that to be true of the 9/11 bombers, the USS Cole bombers, the "fine" folks who committed terrorism all over Europe of late and similar.

Further, if this is all (or even largely) "economic" at its root would you mind explaining how being an officer in the US Military is not a "good job"?  Or have you forgotten Mr. Hasan, otherwise known as Mr. "Allah Akhbar", that committed Islamic terrorism, killing 13 and wounding 32 while employed as an officer by the US Military on a US Military base?

As for the "notion" that Muslims don't actually support this please show me the widespread, loud denunciation of these acts and the willingness to find and capture or kill the Muslims doing these things among Muslims.

Good luck with that.

President Jihad needs to be impeached, here and now.  This sort of crap is dangerous and is going to get a very large number of Americans killed, on our soil, if it continues.  Refusing to call this what it is and deal with it has already resulted in American deaths on American soil at Ft. Hood and, before that, on 9/11.  There is no excuse of political correctness when you are under armed assault and we in America, along with the rest of the world that does not accede to living under crackpotted Sharia goat****er mandates, is in fact under armed assault.

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You may not know this, although I've commented on it before, but the ECPA (Electronic Communications Privacy Act), originally passed in 1986, permits disclosure of your stored email without a warrant once 180 days have passed.

When this law was originally put into force it was not envisioned that you'd actually store email on someone else's computer -- like at your service provider.  Instead, the expectation was that you'd read and delete it, or copy it locally -- on your computer.  The original provisions were intended to make more-reasonable certain situations (like a subpoena that required turning over an old backup tape!) that might otherwise be extremely difficult to comply with.

That was then and this is now.  Today a huge number of people keep literally everything email-related on someone else's machine.  Gmail, Yahoo mail, and other providers are no longer delivery agents, they are now equally storage repositories!

And yet, today, law enforcement needs no warrant for anything older than 180 days.

This bill, originated by Rep Yoder and now signed onto by a large, bipartisan group, seeks to change that.

It's not perfect but it's a damn sight better than what we have now.

This bill deserves your support; call your Congressman or woman.

H/t: Robin

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Alright, I'll say it..... Jeb has utterly no business being POTUS -- ever.

The headline: "Don't trust Jeb Bush with the power of the presidency."

The subject of many of the emails was Terri Schiavo. The letter-writer was her husband, Michael.

Remember folks, this isn't just about opinion, which everyone has a right to.

No, this is about Jeb's extraordinary intervention in the case, which included personally appeals to a judge (wildly inappropriate as the head of the executive), campaigning for and signing a single-person-applicable law to force reinsertion of a feeding tube (note that bills of attainder are unlawful under the US Constitution!); a law that was in fact ruled unconstitutional, and then, having lost in the courts he tried to get DCF to illegally seize Terry.

But it didn't end there -- he also personally campaigned for a state prosecutor to charge her husband!

I'm sorry folks, but whatever you may think of Jeb as a politician or on matters of policy this sort of radical abuse of power must not be further ratified through his elevation to national office.

No way, no how, never.


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Are you angry enough yet to do something about this scam of a "government" we have at not only the federal but also the state and local levels?

Do you like being financially raped, and faced with the prospect of death after impoverishment should you get sick?

Do you accept that if you refuse to cooperate with same, and simply choose to accept that instead of being raped raw should you get seriously ill death is an option that is ok with you the government will then fine you an ever-increasing amount in an attempt to compel you to not make that choice?


Then why are you sitting on your ass?

The Republican-led House is set to begin February with a vote to repeal ObamaCare, making clear that trying to dismantle the health-care law remains a top priority.

The scheduled vote next week was announced in a new memo from House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy to fellow GOP House members in which he said the effort to repeal the legislation will give them an opportunity to tell voters that health care decisions “should be made by patients and their doctors, not by Washington.”

Uh huh.

The California lawmaker also stated that members should remind Americans that the country needs solutions that reduce costs and give them access to “21st Century cures and treatments” -- an often repeated message at congressional Republicans’ policy retreat earlier this month.

How about 20th Century options -- like enforcement of Robinson-Patman, for openers, against the pharmaceutical and medical supply industries?

We don't even have to get into the Sherman and Clayton acts, although those would be even better because they're not limited to physical things (e.g. "commodities".)  Nope, Robinson-Patman is enough -- pricing disparity that cannot be defended on the basis of kind and quantity -- that is, beyond a rational discount for quantity purchases, and which tends to restrain trade or inhibit competition, is illegal.

You know what's utterly stupefying?  The average MRI scan costs about $2,500 in this country.  You can fly from Chicago to Narita, Japan for about $1,300, round trip, and the scan itself, including having it read, is a couple hundred bucks in Tokyo -- cash.  

So why would you pay $2,500 when you can have it done for $1,500 and see a foreign country at the same time -- even if it's just the airport and a cab ride?

You think that's unusual?  Nope.  It's utterly common and Japan isn't a third-world country either.  Indeed for most "expensive but not must have it this very instant" procedures you are far better pulling out your passport and VISA card to buy an airline ticket than you are to use your so-called "insurance" if you have a high-deductible policy -- or for whatever other reason won't be completely covered.

Oh, incidentally, that happens a lot, virtually always without warning and often in ways that ought to implicate consumer protection laws -- like the common practice of "out of network" drive-by "consultations" that happen in hospitals daily without your consent as a patient.

The GOP has utterly no intention of doing anything about this.  Nor do the state legislatures.  They won't even bring such a thing up in their caucus; I know, because I've been told that specifically and repeatedly, including as recently as last week.

**** these so-called "representatives" and "lawmakers."  All of them.  It appears to me that the law is being flagrantly violated on a literal every-second basis, and we're not talking about "little" laws here either -- Sherman and Clayton, for example, carry 10 year prison sentences and million dollar fines for individuals (ten times for corporations when it comes to the fine part.)

You can talk to me about doing something about medical costs when there are literally thousands of indictments issued across the entire swath of this gigantic scam -- but not until.

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