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2015-09-02 05:30 by Karl Denninger
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CNN said Tuesday it is amending the criteria for candidates to qualify for its Republican presidential debate later this month, possibly clearing the way for contender Carly Fiorina to be part of the main-stage debate.

Fiorina has battled for weeks to be included in the Sept. 16 main event, arguing that CNN was relying too heavily on old polling to determine which candidates would make the top-10 cut.

Frankly, I don't get it.  What does Fiorina bring to the party?  She was a disaster at HP; not only did she get fired by the board the company lost half of its stock value and thousands of employees were laid off.

Now granted, she did well at Lucent -- or did she?  While she wasn't there when the company nearly blew up she was in charge of the service-provider business and for that reason one has to wonder exactly how much of her guidance was involved in the decision to engage in the vendor financing scheme that detonated the firm's finances.

You do remember Lucent and the fact that by 2002 the company's stock priced had crashed to 56 cents, right?  Lucent only avoided bankruptcy via an effective forced sale to Alcatel -- an ignoble fate that was brought about by outrageously irresponsible vendor financing of equipment to CLEC customers that turned out to be terrible credit risks.

Where, pray tell, is the press on her history in that regard?  I count not one but two questionable corporate management stints, and while I'm not ready to indict her on her time at Lucent I'm also not going to count that as a "success" without a hell of a lot more information.  Sales increases are all fine and well but if they are generated through vendor financing that ultimately blows up the company is that really "success" or should we call it something else?

This isn't some abstract thing for me either -- I ran MCSNet in the middle of that crap, never engaged in any of the stupid transactions (on either side) that ultimately blew up the tech world and half the carriers in it at the time, but I have a very long memory and there's no ****ing way Fiorina should be considered for any sort of national executive position until all of the documentation and facts related to that abject disaster are vetted and out in the open.

We haven't even gotten to HP yet.

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2015-08-29 09:09 by Karl Denninger
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and amusingly relevant given the outrageous offshoring of recent years...


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No, I will not vote for a party folks.

No, you must not vote for a "party."

Nor can you support any party that does something like this.

Party leaders in Virginia and North Carolina told that they are considering a push to require candidates entering their respective Republican primaries to pledge their support for the eventual nominee and not run a third-party candidacy — a pledge Trump, the current frontrunner, would not make when asked to during the Fox News debate earlier this month in Cleveland.

“Anybody who wants to seek the Republican nomination should have to commit to supporting the ultimate Republican nominee,” Virginia’s former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli told Politico. “I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

Oh really?

So what you're saying is that if even one of the candidates contending for the Presidential nomination is unacceptable to another candidate that second candidate must pledge to support someone they find unacceptable as a President?

There is no defense possible of such a position, and any party that argues that this is required of any candidate or member of the party has lost all legitimacy as they have placed party before principle and candidate.

The electorate does not vote for a party; they vote for a candidate.  While the parties may wish it otherwise the Constitution defines this, not political party "Dons."

Any party that espouses or permits such a policy must be abandoned by the electorate and destroyed as such a position is directly contrary to the founding principles of this nation and that of a Constitutional Republic.

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Oh this sounds delicious....

Clinton's lawyer David Kendall recently told a Senate committee that emails and all other data stored on her computer server were erased before the device was turned over to federal authorities.


Asked repeatedly by Fox News whether it was wiped, she joked: "What, like with a cloth or something? I don't know how it works digitally at all."

The FBI is apparently trying to recover the contents. An intelligence source familiar with the review told Fox News that investigators are confident they may be able to recover some of the deleted files.

If investigators found anything that looks like a filesystem structure on the disk then the person doing the "wiping" didn't know what he was doing.

While the Clintons certainly have the money to pay bright people the really smart ones are also probably smart enough to know that if things go sideways they'll be thrown under the bus, covered in diesel fuel and set ablaze.

That's the problem with being someone like Clinton -- actually hiring someone who knows what they're doing is hard, because while the Clintons may believe they're immune from prosecution the people who they hire most-certainly are not and Clinton has never protected anyone else.

Monica anyone -- or worse?

If the so-called "wipe" was a simple format then the file structure is largely intact -- and so is the data.  That, if true, will prove to be truly delicious.

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Bill Still on Trump:

What's left unsaid thus far is why.

I'll say it: Immigration and what it means for jobs among the lower-skilled workforce, particularly black and (legal) hispanic workers.

The very people that both parties try to pander to with words but have repeatedly assaulted, (financially) raped and robbed via offshoring and illegal invaders that both sides of the aisle not only coddle but encourage.

There are a number of others issues similar to this, with two of the biggest in working America being health care and trade.

Those are, in my opinion, up next; Trump has already alluded to the correct solution on trade, and while he has tiptoed into the health care debate when he throws his weight on that matter, if he does so correctly, I predict he will win a sizable percentage of the Democrat vote.

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