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2014-10-18 07:53 by Karl Denninger
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Oh, good lord, what sort of dolt do we have here?

Senior Republicans on Capitol Hill Friday criticized Ron Klain, President Obama’s choice to be “Ebola czar,” as a figurehead with no health background.

“Given the mounting failings in the Obama administration’s response to the Ebola outbreak, it is right that the president has sought to task a single individual to coordinate its response, “said Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “But I have to ask why the president didn’t pick an individual with a noteworthy infectious disease or public health background?”

Uh, yeah.

And this points out a few things -- first, that the entire "czar" system is stupid to begin with, since it does not carry Senate confirmation requirements.  Second, they're virtually all figureheads, if not all.

These are pure patronage jobs, and in this sort of context that's dangerous.

Who cares if he's a good manager?  I don't.  What I want is for people with cabinet-style access and control to be cabinet members and subject to Senate confirmation.

There is a check and balance system in our government for a reason -- it is specifically to prevent any one person or party from appointing to powerful positions individuals that have no need to pass through the gauntlet of public approval via some means.  We don't get to vote for the Secretary of Defense, but the Senate does.

The compartmentalization and limited power structures in our federal government are the work of genius that makes the United States unique.  We have massively damaged that structure over the last 30 years, and this Russian-dictator-style "czar" system is just the latest insult.

It is well past the time to dismantle all of these, starting with the so-called "czars."

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Obama has been notably "teflon" beyond all over Presidents; a large part of this is undoubtedly his race, which I'm sure will get my flamed to a crisp, but facts are facts.  You simply can't criticize the man without being called a racist, which is horsecrap -- but there you have it in our ridiculously politically-correct world of today where you must ask (verbally) whether a woman at a California college that has just torn your shirt and pants off, has pinned you (with your consent of course) willingly to the bed and has climbed on top "Do you wish to have sex now?" and get an explicit "Yes" in response to avoid being charged with rape!

But this one is different.

The father of a White House advance team member connected to the Secret Service prostitution scandal was refunded a hefty Obama campaign donation, records show, around the same time additional details about that possible link were made public.

The $20,000 donation was made by Leslie Dach -- whose son Jonathan has been linked to the scandal -- on Sept. 19, 2012, to the Obama Victory Fund.

Washington corruption scandals are never about the act itself; it is always the coverup that gets you.  The problem with this scandal is that it specifically goes to the Secret Service's protective detail, the Inspector General's office overseeing it and the intentional obfuscation and delaying of a report (if the allegations are true) for explicitly political purpose right before an election.

The White House has denied that any member of their team was involved in inappropriate behavior and said previously that the volunteer was wrongly implicated based on inaccurate hotel records. The White House on Thursday stood by those claims. Sauber also said the allegations in the Post were “utterly and completely false.”

Uh huh.  The NY Post has been running a series of stories on Prostitutiongate and unlike all the other corruption scandals this one is easy to understand.  Prostitutes in the hotel rooms of Secret Service agents on an overnight basis, which means that said agent would be sleeping at some part of the time -- and thus said callgirl would have access to everything that agent has with him.  That would be bad, and the American people, despite being often-called (and with good reason) Boobus Americanus can get their arms around this one.

There's also no way to evade reality with it either; Fast-n-Furious could be explained as a "mistake"; after all, they were (at least allegedly) trying to capture drug lords running guns.  IRSgate actually appeals to people on the left; after all, anyone right-wing is a nutjob and deserves to get reamed, right?  Benghazi is just too damn complicated; guns and the CIA and rogue regimes and besides, the muzzies did attack the place, yes?

But this one is different.  There is no nuance, no excuse that can be made, and no "legitimate" function being covered.  Nope, this is simple whoring around and many Americans have had it happen to them in their intimate relationships and had their lives (and sometimes bank accounts) destroyed by it.  Clinton got a pass because he never paid Lewinski; if there had been money involved (that is, prostitution rather than sex) he would have been not only impeached but convicted instantly.

This one bears watching.

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