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It's purely outrageous that certain groups (cough-democraps-cough!) scream about "Voter ID" laws but at the same time support and allow The Sexual Assault to demand ID to travel on an airplane or, for that matter, to drive.

Well, guess what -- the Supremes said that there is nothing wrong with demanding ID to vote.

The Supreme Court on Monday turned away a challenge to Wisconsin's voter identification law, after having blocked the state from requiring photo IDs in November's general election. 

The justices' action means the state is free to impose the voter ID requirement in future elections, and is further evidence that the court put the law on hold last year only because the election was close at hand and absentee ballots already had been mailed with no notification of the need to present photo IDs. 


Now, for as long as it remains legal for employers, including government employers, to demand drug tests before hiring or retaining people for their jobs let's also have them required to obtain and maintain any sort of government welfare style benefit.

Thank you very little.

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2015-03-09 06:00 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 507 references


Quite a while ago I made a bet of a steak dinner (at the winner's choice of location) that Hillary Clinton would not be the Democratic nominee.

Note that I didn't bet whether she'd win the Presidential race or not -- simply that she would detonate before the nomination, despite being (at the time, as well as today) the clear front-runner.

There are now at least two reasons that she is likely to literally blow herself to bits politically, with the latest being the revelation that she violated at least policy and perhaps the law in using a private email server at a location under her exclusive control while Secretary of State.

The AP, which has been trying to dig into this (surprise surprise!) is now threatening to sue, as their FOIA requests have been stalled.  They've tried all the usual administrative appeals and having gotten nowhere are likely to turn to the courts, as is their right.

The bigger problem for Hillary is that it is almost-certain that the use of a private email system which did not automatically link back to, or copy to, official government servers, was intended to shield her from having all correspondence discovered -- and further, it's a severe security risk unless it was run with an eye toward security first and convenience (and "plausible deniability") second -- two factors that I can virtually guarantee were not priorities.

The other problem for Hillary that is simmering under the surface is Bill's association with Epstein, which is still sitting in the "boiling frog" stage.  That ditty smells extremely bad as it involves not an intern that is of age (as with Monica) but literally underage girls, and thus isn't a "morals" issue but rather, to the extent it happened, a violation of law -- including quite possibly federal child sex-trafficking statutes.

Both of these lines of inquiry may fizzle and turn into nothing at all.  

But I wouldn't take that bet, at least not for both of them, and either is enough to utterly detonate any chance of Hillary winning the nomination, say much less the White House.

I'm salivating at the prospect of my "free" steak dinner...... smiley

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