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2019-01-31 09:02 by Karl Denninger
in Foreign Policy , 146 references
[Comments enabled]  

Never believe a word a Chinese "executive" tells you.

They lie, cheat and steal.  All of them.

It's how they get ahead.

Just like our politicians.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Electronics giant Foxconn reversed course and announced Wednesday that the huge Wisconsin plant that was supposed to bring a bounty of blue-collar factory jobs back to the Midwest — and was lured with billions in tax incentives — will instead be primarily a research and development center staffed by scientists and engineers.

Of course its a bait and switch and always was.

The region was promised blue collar jobs.  Jobs for people who are not highly-educated, and in many cases who performed manufacturing work in the past and now are laid off.  Not H1b and foreign nationals.

Foxconn has a long history of lying in regard to alleged manufacturing plans inside the United States.  They are not interested in paying the wages that come with manufacturing jobs in the US; they want to pay $2/day in Vietnam or similar for that.  And why not?  We won't tariff products based on wage and environmental parity, never mind intentional currency manipulation.  We could, and should, but we don't.  I warned of this at the time the "deal" was being negotiated but, of course, nobody cared.  Rah-rah, lookie at me said Walker.  Uh huh.  How you feeling now, jackass?

Foxconn is not a "research and development" company.  It's a contract labor outfit that assembles things -- iFrauds, for example.  The state of Wisconsin was sold a bill of goods and now has both a broken promise and land commitments to a Chinese company outstanding.

Last year there were supposed to be 260 full time employees working on building the site.  There weren't.  Some of the tax credit allegedly to be "earned" wasn't, and wasn't permitted.

The remaining part of the issue remains serious, however.  Note that there have been multiple arrests in recent days and weeks of Chinese stealing American technology secrets here in America -- including from Apple in their self-driving car project.  The alleged "refocus" here is likely nothing more than a giant vacuum cleaner operation to try to steal more.

Are you done losing yet America?

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