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2018-03-19 09:45 by Karl Denninger
in 2ndAmendment , 208 references
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So it appears David Hogg, the new "ersatz" star advocating for "gun control" (actually, gun confiscation), and who in part got Governor Scott of Florida to sign a "must be 21 to buy or own a gun" law, has a younger sister named Lauren.

Lauren is 14 at the present time and since she has put herself into the debate it's fair to ask her a few questions - along with David.

So let's start with a question for David, and others like him: Are you going to be your sister's keeper from her 18th birthday until her 21st?  All the time, every day, everywhere?


Well then perhaps you should contemplate what you and others intentionally did to her with your lies.

See, she will turn 18 and you will be >21.  You will thus be able to buy and own a gun in Florida.

She will not.

May I remind you that the rate of rape (old definition, that is, forcible rape) occurs at a much higher rate than murder? In fact the rate of forcible rape (the really ugly sort, you know, where actual physical force is used) occurs at roughly five times that of murder, and what's much worse is that since women are only about half the population and are under-represented in murder victims which over-represent gang-banger young guys the risk of her being raped is more than ten times that of being murdered, simply because comparatively few men are raped.

In fact, adjusted for the murder risk to a young women according to the FBI data she's about 20 times more likely to be violently raped than murdered.  And that's just the reported rapes; astonishingly violent sexual assault by strangers appears to go unreported as much as half the time so the real risk appears to be twice what's reported in the FBI crime tables!

Therefore your lovely younger sister is going to spend three years condemned, by you personally, to be unable to defend herself against a violent rapist who is roughly 40 times more likely to attack her than she is to be murdered by anyone during that same period of time.

As a direct result of your actions David your sister Lauren must now face this grossly greater risk of violent sexual assault unable to legally defend herself with the only device ever invented by man that equalizes the odds between an 18 year old young women and a 250+lb 6'2" brute intent on violating her.

I wonder if you asked her if she was ok with this and told her the truth about the relative risks to her person involving both being murdered and violently sexually assaulted before you advocated for such a change?  She claims to consider you her "best friend", according to the above interview she participated in.  Did your father (ex FBI, and thus he knows damn well I'm right about these facts) honestly tell both of you about those risks and how they compare?  If he did tell you did you intentionally ignore him or did he lie, either by omission or commission, as well?  I remind you that these are not my statistics, they're the FBI's from the government's annual UCR reports.

Would a "best friend" disarm someone by force of law and as a result of doing so prevent them from being able to stop a potential future violent rape that is 20 to 40-some times more likely to happen to her than her risk of being shot and killed, whether in school or otherwise?

I wonder if the young women, nearly all of whom are not yet 21 showing up at these "protests" had explained to them that they were advocating for being defenseless for three more years against a violent sexual offense that is twenty to forty times more likely to be perpetrated against them than they are to be murdered, whether with a gun or otherwise?

I would never wish******on anyone but if it happens I remind you that other statistics claim that college-age women have a roughly 1-in-10 chance of being violently sexually assaulted during those early adult years.  It really shouldn't surprise anyone that as a woman's age goes up the risk of being targeted does tend to drop; disarming women during their most-vulnerable years, when they are both youngest and living independently, is outrageous.

David Hogg clearly doesn't care about any of this despite having a younger sister who now has to live with the results of his advocacy and claim to be "changing the world."  You see, it's very unlikely he will be raped due to his sex but he just made it more likely that his sister Lauren will be because she will be unable to effectively resist and violent brutes will know that too since they're aware of the change in the law.  As such the risk of forcible******for 18-21 year old young women in Florida just went up.

I wonder how your sister feels about that David.... and how you'll feel if she is assaulted at some point during those years. You will take personal responsibility for that if it happens, right?  Is she ok with that "change in the world" you forced upon her and did she consent to your advocacy with full knowledge and consideration or did you lie to her and millions of other young women like her?

The Second Amendment says shall not be infringed for many reasons and this is one of them.

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2018-03-16 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in 2ndAmendment , 243 references
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At the door of the local Bass Pro:  "Concealed carry welcome"

Inside, in the hunting and shooting section: A full rack of black rifles of various types.

What did I do?  Buy something.

Dicks Sporting Goods? **** them.

REI?  **** them double.

End of discussion.

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2018-03-14 07:51 by Karl Denninger
in 2ndAmendment , 461 references
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There's local coverage of this in Palm Beach but no national coverage I can find at all Not on Fox News, not on CNN, not on pMSNBC, not on CNBC, not on AP, not on Reuters, nowhere.

Why not?

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - A 17-year-old boy fatally stabbed another boy and wounded two others during a slumber party in a South Florida home, telling police he did it "because of his Muslim faith," Palm Beach Gardens police said.

Triple stabbing with one dead during a sleep-over; the deceased was there for his 13th birthday as a guest of the family.

The "kid" decided to wait until 4 in the morning "when everyone was asleep", he bought the knife earlier that day with the apparent intent to bring it to the sleepover and he intended to kill all three victims in their sleep.

He has stated his motivation was his Muslim faith as the others apparently thought idolizing famous people was ok, and he thought that was blasphemous enough to justify killing them.  Since he bought the knife before hearing the blasphemy that was just the "last straw"; the alleged perp clearly was motivated to kill before getting to the sleepover since he purchased the weapon in advance.

So here we are, in the same general area as Parkland, with a kid motivated by religious hatred, who bought a nice big fat knife and used it to commit murder.  Where are the calls to ban knives, restrict their purchase or possession for those under 21, to impose a 3-day waiting period for knife purchases and to ban Muslims?

Remember, only 0.0033%, approximately, of AR pattern rifles are ever used in a criminal manner.  Well, this appears to be statistically speaking of approximately the same risk -- nearly all people do not use knives in a criminal manner (including those under the age of 21) and, if we believe everyone who says so, neither do most Muslims commit crimes either.

But this 17 year old did both, motivated by religious animus.  He both used a knife to commit a horrific crime and he did so for religious reasons.  He bought the knife within 24 hours of using it to commit murder, so obviously a 3-day waiting period to buy a knife would have prevented the murder from taking place. If you had to be 21 to buy a knife, since this guy was 17, that would have prevented the murder as well (of course you must also believe he wouldn't steal one if he had been denied the purchase.)  And finally if we banned Muslims entirely we'd have also prevented the murder.

Statistically speaking if we are going to use Parkland and David Hogg as a model of what we should do in response we must ban knives from possession by or sale to those under 21, we must impose a 3 day waiting period to buy a knife at all and we must ban any teaching or adherence to the Muslim faith by those under 21 as well.

Right David?

After all, it's for the children, specifically the dead ones.

PS: Ok, now, hours later, Faux is running a story on it.  And note that once again, as in the case of Parkland, authorities had cause to file charges for the murderer's previous conduct but did not do so.  Once again it's the damned cops that didn't do their job that are directly responsible for the ability of the murderer to commit his crime -- not guns or knives, as those are inanimate objects that cannot form animus or commit negligent acts.  Yet once again there are no demands for immediate prosecution of said cops never mind stripping them of their salaries, pensions and benefits.  WHY NOT FOLKS -- THE COPS MALFEASANCE IS WHY THE DECEASED IS DEAD AND TWO OTHERS WERE NEARLY MURDERED!

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Go right ahead and walk out of class or "demonstrate" in the Capitol.

Make sure you get on TeeVee.  Get your picture taken.  Post it on social media; you know you will.

You'll be identified forever; nothing that goes up on the Internet ever truly disappears.

Next year, when Obamacare's mandate is gone, I am looking to stand up an entrepreneurial opportunity.  Maybe someone will buy my home control software wholesale first, but if not, well, I may market it.

You'll never work for me or any part of any firm I control.  Nor will I ever buy anything from any company that hires you.  If I see you in such a business or same identifies as "sympathetic", they're done.  If you apply for a job, into the round file your resume goes.

You can't walk this one back either.  You can't disavow it later.  You support what Governor Scott just did here, which is to make it illegal for 18-20 year old women to protect themselves with a firearm from a rapist.

There are a hell of a lot more rapes than there are murders, and of those murders only about 100 are committed every year with the weapons you wish to ban.  For the abuse of 0.0033% of said weapons you demand that thousands of rapes go undeterred each and every year, forever.

In a word, no.

You're free to speak as you wish.  That's the First Amendment.  But the same First Amendment protects my right to associate -- or not -- with your words and your person.  I choose not, and extend that to everyone who you associate with.

This has already cost REI a couple thousand a year in spending by myself -- roughly what I spent last year there, and won't this year or ever again, and all they did was drop a manufacturer because they also owned a gunmaker.

That's $2,000 times however many people think the same way I do that company will never make again.  If it's a thousand people that's $2 million they're forfeiting.  What if it's 10,000 people?  What if it's even more?

Go ahead and do it.  You're going to find out quite-rapidly that people like me think promoting the rape of young women, which is exactly what you're doing with these policies, is going to get one hell of a lot of pushback -- considering that I have raised a young women who (thankfully) has just passed the age of your "rape victim enhancement act" effects.

You can never walk back what you intended to do to her.


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2018-03-07 08:24 by Karl Denninger
in 2ndAmendment , 374 references
[Comments enabled]  

Well well what do we have here?


That would be a felony.  A felony the Sheriff knowingly did not arrest on, which is a crime standing alone under Florida Statutes if the record was in any way tampered with, and it almost-certainly was, since this has been kept real quiet.

This obviously needs verification but it would fit with what we already know -- which means it's likely to be true.  There is no excuse for any sort of legislative movement on anything until this has been run down and brought into the public view so a legitimate debate can be had.

Today the Florida House intends to punish law-abiding Florida residents to protect a corrupt Sheriff and an incompetent FBI as does the Governor; the Senate has already done so.

If that pending bill passes then I will be looking for a new State to call home.  One that still believes there is a thing called justice and that you do not punish the law-abiding residents to cover for corrupt and felony illegal acts of so-called "law enforcement."

May an asteroid strike Tallahassee today, you corrupt pieces of ****.

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